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Doug LaRue

- Doug LaRue IMDB worked as a photojournalist for the college newspaper while earning a degree in Environmental Design. LaRue moonlighted as a stringer for United Press International and Associated Press covering news and politics during the week and shooting NCAA sports on the weekends.

After moving to Austin, Texas in the early 90's Doug took a position with an Roberson Investments, Inc. as an Art Director. LaRue managed creative productions and brand identity for 3 subsidiary companies including L.B.C.O. Publishing and CineStar Films. LaRue collaborated on the design and story creation of a very unique series of history books for young audiences. He also designed two commercial buidings and had the opportunity to work on a movie called Rigged starring Academy Award winner George Kennedy.

In 1994 Doug founded Glaze Studio, a creative media design and production company. The studio's first project was for the Texas Department of Transportation producing a statewide identity campaign for the Motorcycle Safety Bureau p.s.a.'s. The project, called "CycleVision" included promotional branding, collateral advertising and television commercials starring Jimmie Vaughan with a pair of magic sunglasses.

LaRue was Director of Photography for two Spectrum Films productions focused on Archeology and Anthropology featuring the Native Bolivian Imarra tribe's ancient boat building masters filmed on location on the island of Sireque, Lake Titicaca in the shadow of the Andes Mountain range. The second film was focused on research related to solstice alignments and sacrifices at the temples of Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Footage from these films aired on The History Channel's "Digging for the Truth" in 2008.

LaRue has continues to work on movies, music videos, documentaries including a web series called Austin Groove and a documentary called Strange Daze that chronicles the life and death of the legendary Austin Music Network.

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